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If you are what you eat, I’m mostly chickpeas. I love hummus. That’s probably all you need to know about me.
My name is Brynne (I’m the one on the right. The handsome gentleman to the left is my better half, Bryce). You could say my interests border on the comforting eclectic. I’m always looking for something new. But once I discover a thing which piques my interest, I’ll always find a way to rotate back to it, trying to reinvent or enhance my knowledge on the subject.

In 2019, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs, take the year to travel and look at life differently. We spent 6 months in SE Asia and I didn’t last 2 weeks before realizing how much I missed our kitchen Specifically cooking in it. That’s when I started collecting recipes and ideas for foods to experiment with when we got home. Boba, bun cha, all the curries, soup dumplings, these Taiwanese green onion street food pancakes. I wanted to use my own two hands to recreate all these exiting new (to me) dishes.

Another big part of our trip was a slow transition away from the amount of meat we consumed. At home, the portions of meat on our plates had almost always matched our veggies, but the longer we were in SE Asia, the more we craved the fresh veggies and fruits that were literally grown and sold all around us in abundance.

Fast forward to our arrival back home and I’m back in the kitchen, trying new things, recreating old favourites & consuming more plant-based foods than ever. I’m also 27 lbs lighter. I guess cutting down on meats & walking literally everywhere took its toll.​​

So here I am, attempting to share my love of all things food with the world.

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