I know a ton of chefs who say cooking breakfast literally sucks the life out of them. I get what they’re saying, especially if you’re cooking in mass, but at home I LOVE cooking breakfast. Breakfast not only breaks my fast of food, but it’s usually the first time in the day I get to be creative. Who wouldn’t look forward to that.

This page provides creative, basic, & the stuff in-between, recipes for all the home breakfast cooks.

  • Healthy Rice Bowl
    A fresh, simple, healthy rice bowl that will fill you up, giving you energy for any task. Bring on the day or bring on the night or just bring on whatever!
  • Oat Bars
    All natural, quick & easy to make. If you constantly find yourself reaching for that box of processed nut bars, save yourself a bit of money, while eating healthier, with this version instead. You can use this as a straight up oat bar snack, as crumble on your yogurt in the morning or even with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
  • Miso Butter Egg Avocado Toast
    Savory miso butter with perfectly fried eggs. fresh avocado and crisp toast. This is the perfect brunching plate or breakfast for those weekend go-getters.
  • Banana Mash Toast
    A different take on sliced bananas & peanut butter. Banana mash toast will give you the energy to start the day off right.