Food Travels

At the heart of my drive to travel is food. Of course I also want to immerse myself in the history, get to know the people, customs & culture of a nation I’m visiting; but food spans all these things. It ties together people who would otherwise be foreign, cultures that would otherwise shock and customs that would otherwise be mysteries. So these posts in a way are part of my travel diaries, food travels, that represent a small part of the whole. And I hope in reading them, you find the inspiration to engage in your own food travels.

  • Thai Coconut Milk Soup – Tom Kah “Gai”
    Traditional flavors of lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce, Thai chilies and of course, coconut milk. Thai coconut milk soup is a favorite dish from Thailand.
  • Spicy Thai Basil Pork
    ​This dish brings me straight back to Thailand, where you can find it on almost any menu. Spicy Thai Basil Pork combines the 4 S’s perfectly – spicy, sweet, savory and simple to make.