Side Dishes

Everyone loves the main event but side dishes are a great place to get creative, practice culinary skills and diversify your meal. Aside from that (*pun intended*) they are great for delivering vegetables to the meat eaters in the family. I find the best dishes are the ones that compliment the main ingredient. Try the maple miso mushrooms or the mashed roasted butternut squash.

  • Maple Miso Mushrooms
    The sweet hit of maple syrup paired with subtle tastes of miso and rosemary make these maple miso mushrooms a tasty side-dish that is both quick & easy to make.
  • Garlic Hummus
    A smooth garlic hummus that almost literally melts in your mouth. Cooking the garlic beforehand helps to “tame” it’s sharp flavor in this hummus. But garlic lovers shouldn’t fret, since this recipe calls for an entire head of the stuff.
  • Bacon Cream Cheese Stuffed Poblano Peppers
    An easy stuffed pepper recipe with the mild zing of poblano and the hearty, indulgent taste of bacon, brown rice and cream cheese. These bacon cream cheese stuffed poblano peppers should be treated as full meals, since they are so freaking filling.
  • Oven Baked Steak Fries
    Thick cut potatoes, three times cooked to get that creamy delicious inside with a golden crisp, crunchy outside.