Maybe it’s my 5-year-old self talking but I never thought I’d love vegetables as much as I do now. Now I think they’re just awesome. They’re like THEE super food. Wait, they generally are super foods. Vegetarian recipes for the win!

I hope these recipes encourage your ever-expanding love for these miracle foods too.

  • Thai Coconut Milk Soup – Tom Kah “Gai”
    Traditional flavors of lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce, Thai chilies and of course, coconut milk. Thai coconut milk soup is a favorite dish from Thailand.
  • Healthy Rice Bowl
    A fresh, simple, healthy rice bowl that will fill you up, giving you energy for any task. Bring on the day or bring on the night or just bring on whatever!
  • Thumbprint Sugar Cookies with White Chocolate
    This easy & basic recipe produces tender, chewy thumbprint sugar cookies topped with melted white chocolate and crushed candy cane that are a perfect addition to any holiday event.
  • Rosemary Roasted Garlic
    Only your imagination limits the variety of ways this garlic “jam” can be used. Put Rosemary Roasted Garlic on toast, in pasta, in mashed potatoes, by itself, pressed under chicken skin before roasting, as a garnish….you get the idea.
  • Veggie Summer Rolls with Peanut Dip
    An easy stuffed pepper recipe with the mild zing of poblano and the hearty, indulgent taste of bacon, brown rice and cream cheese. These bacon cream cheese stuffed poblano peppers should be treated as full meals, since they are so freaking filling.
  • Oat Bars
    All natural, quick & easy to make. If you constantly find yourself reaching for that box of processed nut bars, save yourself a bit of money, while eating healthier, with this version instead. You can use this as a straight up oat bar snack, as crumble on your yogurt in the morning or even with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.